Monday, January 9, 2012

Adult Children The Difficult Years

My wife Susie and I have raised four adult children and have one teenager at home. My Adult children are by far harder now then raising them from children. At times all you are allowed to be is a spectator with little to no participation unless invited in. The difficulty of this is watching them make mistakes that you know if they would only take your advice you could help them avoid so much pain and heartache. The phrase, "If only", comes across my mind at least a million times as I watch. Recently one of my adult children has made the choice to withdrawal from school. I have given every possible reason not to withdrawal and without going into detail as to why this is happening, so to protect the privacy of this adult child. I believe they are about to make the worse mistake of their life. Its like watching your child struggling in the lake ready to drown and not being able to swim to save them. I recently came to the conclusion that I will always be there for my adult children and will probably continue to give them my opinion and try to wrap it up as advice, If only, they might listen

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